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  Workshops outside the UK Diploma in Narrative Therapy Level Three Level Two Level One Training and Supervision Workshops outside the UK Diploma in Narrative Therapy Level Three Level Two Level One Training and Supervision Workshops outside the UK Diploma in Narrative Therapy Level Three Level Two Level One Training and Supervision Workshops outside the UK Diploma in Narrative Therapy Level Three Level Two Level One Training and Supervision Narrative Network UK    

The Institute of Narrative Therapy was established in 2009 with the aim of supporting the teaching and development of Narrative Practice in the United Kingdom and beyond.  The current Directors are Mark Hayward, Amanda Redstone and Hugh Fox.

The Institute offers training at Level 1 (five days) and Level 2 (five or six days), as well as the Diploma in Narrative Therapy which students complete over a number of years.  All our training provides a rigorous and practical learning experience that enables students to start using narrative ideas at once.

Institute staff are all highly experienced teachers and are committed to the dissemination of narrative ideas and practices.  We seek to contribute to the development of the next generation of practitioners and teachers and are glad to support any projects that are consistent with narrative principles and ethics.

We also support the development of an evidence base to facilitate the practice of Narrative Therapy in agencies and institutions

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Responding to Trauma in Contexts of Uncertainty

With Poh Lin Lee

London, January 21st & 22nd

How can we be ready for Trauma’s insisting presence and find ways to creatively side-step in ways that are not dismissive of the effects of Trauma on people’s lives? What do narrative practices look like in brief encounters or under the conditions of
uncertainty, crisis or instability? How can we ensure collaborative practice? Is it possible for evaluation and feedback to be part of the therapeutic process? How might we include questions that invite stories from the body to thicken and more richly describe values, intentions, commitments and hopes?

This workshop will answer these and many more questions.  You are sure to take away lots of practical ideas from this workshop as well as having the opportunity to try some them out in the exercises. Poh Lin Lee worked in torture and trauma counseling with asylum seekers incarcerated on Christmas Island under Australia’s detention policies; she continues to creatively co-researching alternative practices that reflect the values and commitments of people who have experiences trauma and injustice.

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5th Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work 2019

Great news! Next year the 5th Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work will be held in Antwerp, July 3rd - 6th. It is being organised by a narrative collective in the Lowlands called NDC2 and the website is I'm really looking forward to it already! You can join their mailing list through their website and stay informed. See you there!

New video: Working with Young People who have Experienced Trauma: If I were King, with Sabine Vermeire

We are very pleased to share this video (click here or go to Resources page) of Sabine Vermeire's inspiring keynote at last year's conference in Brighton.  Featuring creative ways to work with a young person who didn't want to take part in so-called therapy, we're sure you will enjoy this, be moved and take away ideas for practice.

What’s the Problem?

INT is proud to be launching this book by Sabine Vermeire, Willem Beckers, Kris Decraemer and Mieke Faes in an English language version following it’s success in the Lowlands. A delightful book of stories of creative externalizing with adults and with children which will have wide appeal. Can be used in direct work or simply made available to anyone who has ever experienced a problem in the course of living.

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What can we do to address issues of poverty in our work?

We’ve just uploaded a video of the keynote that Sarah Walther presented at our 2017 conference in Brighton. This is a must-watch for anyone who works in public services and who meets people who’s lives are being adversely affected by poverty. This thoughtful and practical address also reveals the existence of the little known Z-codes in DSM-V and how they can be used to make issues of poverty visible. You can find the video and the Z-codes on our videos page

Workshop, What’s the problem?

With Sabine Vermeire, Willem Beckers, Kris Decraemer, Mieke Faes

From Interactie-Academie, Antwerp, Belgium

London, April 27th & Manchester April 30th

This one day workshop will show case creative and playful ways of working with problems where too much talking doesn’t seem helpful.  This will be a delightful and inspiring day, and will also see the launch of the presenter’s book in English translation.  The book is being published in collaboration with INT.

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Workshop: Trauma and social justice, with Vikki Reynolds

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting Vikki Reynolds in Autumn 2018.  She will be presenting a 2-day workshop in London and in Manchester, as well as a 1-day workshop in Edinburgh.  Vikki will be presenting on Witnessing resistance to “trauma” and to interpersonal & political violence: a social justice approach.

Vikki is based in Vancouver, Canada and is a Consultant, Instructor and Supervisor specializing in team development, resisting burnout and organizational change. Her work addresses addiction, substance misuse, diversity, homelessness, trauma and violence. Vikki’s work is informed by narrative therapy and collaborative therapy and emphasises the building of a sense of solidarity.

London: October 1st & 2nd 2018
Manchester: October 4th & 5th 2018
Edinburgh: October 8th 2018

These workshops are sure to be stimulating, challenging and informative.  Book the dates in your diary now!

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APEL Route to Masters in Narrative Therapy & Community Work

We are pleased to announce that the Institute's Diploma in Narrative Therapy will be accepted by the University of Melbourne/Dulwich Centre as exempting holders from the first two modules of their Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work.  This means that students undertaking the Masters will only need to visit Australia once in order to complete the Masters.

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