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Training and Supervision


Courses accredited to The Institute of Narrative Therapy are designed to uniform standards, levels, entry requirements and qualifying criteria. This offers students a known national standard of training and assures employing agencies and prospective clients that they will receive therapy from workers trained to an accredited level of skill and knowledge in an approach that is evidence- based.

The Institute of Narrative Therapy offers INT accredited courses at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The Institute also offers a Diploma in Narrative Therapy.

Members of the Institute's teaching faculty make regular contributions to University Doctoral training courses in Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology and Family Therapy.  They provide inservice training for both state and independant organisations.  They deliver workshops on different aspects of narrative practice both within the UK and internationally.

Faculty members of the Institute provide individual and group supervision.  They also offer consultations to teams, both ongoing and on a one off basis

Please get in touch  if you wish to arrange group or individual supervision, commission a course, workshop or training event, or have an inquiry about narrative therapy teaching input for a mainstream discipline training course.



Course participants

Typically, participants are from the fields of clinical and education psychology, family therapy, social work, counselling, creative therapies, nursing, psychiatry, etc.

Courses may be of interest to: 

Workers from health, education, counselling and welfare fields wanting to increase their effectiveness.s

People trying to make better sense of their lives and predicaments

Educators looking for an approach relevant to today’s social challenges

Anybody interested in learning about the most exciting approach in the field of counselling, therapy and community work

Those looking to address practices of power and to work in ways that are ethically and politically coherent

Anyone with questions about the limitations, effectiveness or ethics of traditional approaches.


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